It Begins

Staring at fifty like a deer in headlights

So your turning fifty, welcome to the club. Just know your not alone. I’m going to use my experience with this life changing number to try to alleviate some of the anxiety, and mistakes, that I went through, in you. I will be addressing weight gain, diet, vitamins, high blood pressure, stress, and physical fitness. I am a classically trained chef and recently a martial arts student. I found out the hard way what worked for me and what did not. This blog is from a male point of view but is not exclusively for men.

If you are ready to get started, the first step is “Commitment” let me say it again… commitment. You are going to have to make a tough decision here. How do you want to address your future. You can accept your fate and live out your life with the attitude that this is my life. Or, you can get off your backside and do something about it. I chose to”not go quietly into that goodnight.”

First things first, Don’t go out and join a gym! Lets face it we didn’t end up in the shape we are in because we went to the gym and we are not going to start now. We don’t have time, we don’t have the knowledge and we don’t want to be a bodybuilder or Olympic athlete. Our bodies are different now so save your money, you’re going to need it.

Have goals,(Realistic Goals) of what you want. My goals were being healthy and being active into my eighties. Those may seem like pretty broad goals but think about it, in order to meet those goals my life decisions were pretty specific. Diet, exercise, and mental health. All you have to do is look around at the men who are in their late seventies and early eighties and they have three things in common, physically active, good eating habits and positive outlook on their life.

Each week I will be addressing one of these aspects of my life. And relax it will be OK.

By the way I’m not a professional writer so yes there will be spelling and grammar errors, give me a break!


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