People are going to look at you like you have lost your mind if you tell them your thinking of doing something about your quality of life. Your friends may laugh, your wife may look at you with skepticism and distrust (especially distrust). your co-workers will be supportive and then shake their heads when you walk away. Get used to it. Just do us all a favor and don’t be the guy who walks around the office bragging about the great work out or diet you just started. I’ll say this once “We Don’t Care”, we really do not give a damn, so keep it to your self.

Speaking of Diet lets talk a little about that, I will not be recommending any diet plans, to be honest they don’t work for the average person. If diets worked there wouldn’t be so many overweight people walking around. I am going to talk about some of the do’s and don’ts of eating. Ready, let’s get started because we have a lot to cover. OK now you have probably seen all the commercials and all the advertisements and some of them actually work. But I’m here to talk about what worked for me. First I had to find out what foods were doing what to my body so I went on a completely vegan diet for a week. I know right! this guy is a total whack job! Well I discovered two things. First I have had a minor food allergy since childhood. Second, once I finally got off the toilet I never felt better. I mean I felt great. alive, energetic, I became a real pain in the ass. So I tried a second week and something really weird happened, I lost ten pounds and my blood pressure went way down. My blood flow increased and my sinuses cleared up (the allergy I mentioned).

Conclusion Dairy and Meat were not doing me any favors. So giving up the Dairy was easy just read some of the reports connecting milk to rectal cancer that should do it. Second reduce my meat intake to 4 oz a day. make up the rest with vegetables and carbs. That’s right I said carbs! yes Carbs, say it with me Carbs. Now I’m not saying its OK to sit down and eat a whole German Chocolate Cake by yourself but you can eat a Vegetarian Pizza with no cheese, and its delicious.

CARBS: I wrote that in bold because I want you to pay attention, Ready, carbs are wonderful! in the right amount they give you the energy you need to get through your long day with out wanting to eat your hand every twenty minutes. I was going to need that energy because I was starting a new work out program (oh yes you are) there are good carbs and bad carbs. Lets start with the good ones you will hear that white rice is worse than brown rice. True but the only real difference is brown rice still has the outside shell and white rice does not. That shell is roughage, but so is the news paper, and I’m not eating that either. Sugar in small doses is OK but the average 12 oz soft drink contains 3 times the daily allowance and Diet sodas are just a big lie. So try water, I’ll talk about that later. Pasta is alright but remember I’m talking about increasing my vegetable intake by 70% while reducing everything else. So reduce carbs but do your research and try to stick to the good carbs.

Meat: simple 4 oz a day that’s it, no more.

Vegetables: Different vegetables have different positive and negative aspects. Try them all. sautéed, Steamed, Braised, Grilled, it does not matter just eat as many as you can stomach at first just fill up on them you want all the nutrients you have been depriving your body all these years and I had decades of damage to fix.

So we have laid the base for the diet all in all I lost twenty lbs in a few months remember though it’s not about losing lbs it’s a game of inches. The Battle of the Bulge, if you will. so remember this part of the journey is very important. 80% of the struggle is the diet. I knew if I could get this aspect under control I could get the rest in time.


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