Dealing With Back Pain

I would like to address something I had to take care of before I began an exercise program. I suffered from lower back pain. I needed to get this under control and create a comprehensive program that would alleviate the constant pain. So I did what any intelligent doctor fearing male of Fifty would do,I turned to the internet. I read article after article, everything from Web MD to Men’s Fitness. What I found was there can be many problems that cause lower back pain and not all of them are caused by spinal damage. But I didn’t just have back pain I had Sciatica. Shooting pain down my left leg and left knee that only felt better when my leg was immobilized and elevated.

Here are some causes of lower back pain
lower back nerve root irritation.
Smaller nerves that supply the lower back are irritated.
Large paired lower back muscles(Erector spinae) may be strained.
Bone, Ligament and or Joint damage.
Disc degeneration.
There may be other causes but these are the most common.

I was lucky, I had a Physical Therapist in the family and not just any PT but one of the best with years of experience, Thanks Mom! I also had a close friend who was a Chiropractor, well after an adjustment I put together a comprehensive recovery program that was both low impact and that enabled me to build my core strength. I knew without building my core strength the pain and discomfort would come back and continue to bother me.

Core Exercises:

Core exercises are everything ,I can’t stress this enough, without a strong core all the muscle in the world wont help you. You have to get that back strong and flexible. That’s right flexible, stretching is everything so here are a couple of stretches that can help your flexibility in your lower back and hips.


Do these stretches slowly and don’t bounce hold for at least twenty seconds. Stretching also allows nutrients into the soft tissues of your back that will aid in healing.


Start of with ten repetitions and build up to three sets of ten.

Realize, this is not a quick fix, but it will get better with time. If your planning on going to a doctor , don’t be surprised to get a prescription for pain medication, Hint: Pain Medication doesn’t fix the problem and leads to its own list of complications. If you do the exercises and stretches there is a byproduct of this new-found core strength and flexibility. You will lose weight around the middle. Add in proper diet and you will start to see almost immediate results in weight loss.

Other exercise options:

1. McKenzie Exercises

2. Pilates

3. Yoga

4. Tai Chi


5 thoughts on “Dealing With Back Pain

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  2. Solid advice for back health. I am personally dealing with this right now and am reading everything I can find about the subject. The healing process is slow, but definitely coming through excersises all the described here. Thank you for reiterating these ideas. I will continue excersises and modified eating as it is helping. To all whom read this article plan on it taking three to six weeks to feel the benefit. So go easy and work on it daily! Be well and much respect. Lrs


  3. Yoga was really effective for treating my sciatica. That along with exercises I found on made all the difference in recovering. I still do them regularly to be proactive, and I never thought I’d say it, but I love yoga! Best of luck to you.

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