Outdoor Health

Some of you out there like to go to the gym for your workout. Me , I like to exercise outdoors when I can. I am lucky enough to live in a place that has the perfect set up for keeping fit. We have great weather and all the hills you would ever want to climb.  We have beaches and dog parks and plenty of other places to go. Id bet most of us have things we can do around town that would facilitate a top level work out with just a little imagination and drive. I’d like to share some of the fun things I have come up with and I would like to hear from some of you out there. Sharing information and ideas is the only way we can help each other through this time in our lives.


This is Morro Bay Beach. Three miles of flat hard sand at low tide and soft sand above the high water mark. From one end to the other and back is about the same as a 10 K If you only go half way and back, its a good twenty minute run. If I do the short run I like to do wind sprints in the soft sand dunes that lines the beach.camp-keep-273

Nothing will get your heart rate up faster than wind sprints on a sand dune. If a stair master is your thing, I have some thing for you. here you have a few options.Cerro Cabrillo Morro Bay

this is the view of black mountain, literally in my front yard. It’s about a 35% grade straight up and the climb usually takes 20 minutes from my front door to the top. For these hikes I like to pack a snack because the sandwiches taste better with a view like this.

images (8)

I know some of you like rowing machines and I think its a great work out but I think my version is a lot more fun.


And we have a great cheering section that bring their own snacks.sea-otters

And every once in a while one of the big neighbors stops by to say Hi! and show off a little.


Now some of you are saying, “We don’t have anything like that in my town ” well of course you don’t, other wise you would be living in my town and then we would have traffic.  That’s not the point, look around you can find plenty of ways to get out and make a fool of yourselves. Its just as important to get out and act like an old fool as it is to exercise. Not only is it hard on your ego it will bring you joy and a little humility is good for the soul. I cant forget the looks I got from people on our street as the time I got out on my son’s skate board and did a few runs on the ramp I built in the driveway. I told my wife I had to test it. She just shook her head and walked away. I don’t believe there is nothing around you that wouldn’t facilitate some of this .


There is always something somewhere like these stairs people use along the beaches of southern California. get creative. I have a heavy bag hanging in the garage that is my stress reliever. Nothing feel better tan being able to kick the crap out of that bag for 15 minutes after a tough day at work and relieving stress is as important as the exercise. In fact exercise should help relieve stress. that’s why I like to exercise outside. I find that being in nature helps with stress relief better than any drug.


It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something on a regular basis. I like martial arts to keep my balance and flexibility, but yoga

images (9)

Wushu Taichi Center - Liu Yu presents:Saturday in Meadow Park
Wushu Taichi Center – Liu Yu presents:Saturday in Meadow Park

Tai Chi, anything will work but I recommend that you try to do a little of everything , mix it up and find what you like. If you read my earlier blogs you will see that I recommend not joining a gym and saving your money for other things. well these are some of those other things. Sure they offer yoga at the gym. But you get a more diverse group of  people outside the gym that usually have a different view of health and fitness. Gyms can be so homogeneous and you end up with someone else’s  vision of health not your own remember this is about finding a way that works for you.




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