Under Dogs

I know that there is a lot of news out there about Police brutality, Shootings, and Police being killed in the line of duty.Or we are hearing about a group of solders that were pinned down in a fire fight that caused several casualties. and these are tragic cases.There are however a few of these cases that never make the news. These involve the rarely recognized for the jobs they do, and are often killed in the line of duty without any appreciation for the life they gave. Yet they are out there doing the job, no questions asked. They are the unsung heroes of the police force and the military. They serve and protect those around them with heart and courage.


Since they started keeping track of K-9 deaths 2,425 Dogs have died in the line of duty, Last year in 2015- 169 police dogs were killed in the line of duty. Dogs have been a part of the military in the United States since before there was a United States. There are records of dogs being used in the French and Indian  wars prior to the Revolutionary War. The history of battle dogs go back to the mid Seventh Century B.C. That’s 2700 years ago. now that is a pretty extensive battle record. I see a lot of monuments to fallen solders but very few to their four legged counter parts. These animals are so versatile, They cover everything from guard duty to mine and booby trap detection. The Police K-9 units do drug enforcement to felony apprehension. And they do it un- armed I have nothing but respect for these animals and their handlers.


These amazing animals are often euthanized at the end of their tour or when they are deemed too old for the job. Did you know that because of this horrible practice being brought to light, you can now adopt these dogs. I know these animals would make a great addition to the family and a hell of a watch dog for your home. So instead of buying a gun, why not adopt a dog that has saved countless lives and deserves a cushy retirement.


K-9 Pledge

I Promise to be worth every cent of the $10,000 it took you to train me.

I promise to track down criminals that threaten and harm our community.

I promise to stand by you against the violence that penetrates our community.

I promise to sniff out the drugs being advertised to our children.

I promise to stay resolved and focused upon the the success of our mission.

No matter what happens I will stand by your side…

Your loyal companion to the end.

I will never leave your side… I will never surrender… I will never quit.

they have my undying thanks and gratitude!


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